Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beautiful Santorini-A city built on a volcano

Thursday morning we pulled up outside the cliffs of Santorini. What a unique and beautiful city!!  We rode the cable car up the side of the cliff to the town on top. Donkeys were the other mode of transportation but we were cautioned against this.  

Up on top we found beautiful panoramic vistas from everywhere we looked. We explored down narrow streets to find beautiful churches and buildings such as these.

That evening on the ship, the choir participated in the ship wide talent show. They were fantastic and the cruise director and many of our fellow passengers were very impressed with our group.

We got into port early Friday morning in Athens and went back to pick up some last minute souvenirs at the flea market and Plaka shopping areas.  Walking through these areas, it was amazing to come across ruins such as those below in the neighborhoods.
For our last night in Athens, we visited a small amusement park in the city.  The kids enjoyed being dropped and spun around.

Goodbye Athens! Thanks for the wonderful memories- we'll be home soon!

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Island of Rhodes and fun on the ship

Most of the kids were pretty excited to eat in the dining room even though it was optional. They enjoyed choosing from the menu and trying new foods.

Tuesday night was karaoke on the ship. We saw several entertaining acts from our kids. The kids had a blast.

Wednesday we arrived on the beautiful island of Rhodes. It is a stunning port city with castle walls built around much of the city.  It was home to the Knights of Malta around the 15th century.  We walked along the castle wall, then continued along the picturesque waterfront to a beautiful beach of turqoise waters. 

Diving platform in the ocean.  We had many brave souls who jumped off the top platform.

After the beach, we ventured into the old town where some of the kids tried out the fish spa-tiny little fish that eat the dead skin off of your feet. It tickles!